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      塑料膠條 密封條自動稱重收卷機

      塑料膠條 密封條自動稱重收卷機






         我司擁有先進的加工設備和強大專業的技術團隊,我們的優勢在于,不斷為客戶提供 ,可靠,價格合理的產品,并提供原料配方,生產工藝和人員培訓等全方位的售前,售中,售后的服務,幫助客戶迅速成長創造 大的效益.

           Established in 2005, the JINGDONG MACHINERY engages in R & D plastics machineries professionally, combining both industry and trade together. JINGDONG MACHINERY occupies an area of more than 2000 square meters with more than 50 stuffs. Its main products are extruders for:artificial rattan, sealing strip, pipe and tube, 3D printing materials, electric wire and cable and plastics compounding with their auxiliaries.  

           The facilities from JINGDONG are well selling to the countries in South-east Asia, Africa, Middle East and, Russia, even Japan.

          JINGDONG MACHINERY has advanced equipments and strong technicians. Its superiority is continuously renewing technology providing excellent and reliable facilities in reasonable price. JINGDONG also provides service for formulation, process and stuff training, in order to help client to put into production fast and earn maximum possible profit.

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